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Portfolio (to be updated soon)              

Recording and Production


'Monsters' EP


My self-produced debut EP as a songwriter.

All five songs feature recorded drums, bass, electric or acoustic guitar and recorded

Steinway piano. 


Other featured instruments: string quartet - 'Charon',  violin and cello - 'Masks and Scars',

'Sail Away', 'Monsters', flute - 'Charon' and accordion - 'Masks and Scars'.






Jazz-fusion track I wrote for my Advanced Pop Harmony module and recorded live with drums, bass, keyboard and guitar.



Pare Cochero 


A recording of an 18-piece cuban band that I co-engineered.



'Lotus Flower'


Original track self-produced, recorded violin.





Location recording of birds and several environments - woods, city, train station - all mixed together in a soundscape composition. All recorded with a Zoom H2n.



'Dark ambient' in Reaktor


 Dark ambient piece written with all sounds created from scratch in Reaktor. All panning and sound effects done in Reaktor.



'Where's my love?' 


 Pop R&B ballad that I wrote, arranged and produced.





 Ambient piece featuring manipulated vocals and found sounds.


Creating Music with Computers portfolio. 


 A collection of tracks sequenced and mixed in Logic Pro. 'I would never tell' features recorded strings and brass with arrangement and parts that I wrote. 



Sound Design

Toblerone Advert.


Created for my Applied Music  module. 

Original music written by me and recorded with live musicians: drums, bass guitar, keyboards and trumpet. Original sting. 




'Carrot Crazy' - short animation


Original sound design and music (sequenced in Logic Pro using Kontakt sample  libraries).


          'Upgraded' - Short sci-fi student film


Short film for which I did the sound recording and the mixing. A few times I recorded sound while  operating  the camera at the same time, due to shortage of crew.  

Recorded ADR.

The music is not original this time, but I chose and fitted it in. 

I also did most of the video editing and came up with the story.

More to come...

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