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'Thoroughly talented'

'A songwriter who can do no wrong'

Leo Ulph, BBC Radio Kent 

"A proper summer banger"

"A proper summer banger"

"Self-produced by Jewelia & sounding great on the airwaves"

Abbie McCarthy, BBC Introducing in Kent 

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Brilliant art-pop with a distinctive sound

CLOUT, on 'Is This World Mine'

An inimitable spirit

Neon Music

Entrancing with a yearning, lush irresistibility

Obscure Sound, on 'Was it You or Was it Me'

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'Highly recommended'

Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio, on 'Was it You or Was it Me'

'Hits all spectrums of emotion'

'Luscious vocals'

We Write About Music on 'Is This World Mine'

Loud Women, on 'Is This World Mine'

Interview with Leo Ulph on BBC Radio Kent

Artist of the month of 'Why Doesn't Everyone Know These Songs' with Luna Keller

Interview with Paul Mansell on Marlowe FM

Interview and Live Performance on Wey Valley Radio

Interview on Beyond the Nation Podcast with Chloe Ferguson

“That gave me all the shivers, gave me goosebumps”


"I hope it does really well, needs to be heard by more people”

Alex Elbro, Cambridge 105

“Rather fabulous”

Leigh Chambers, Cambridge 105 


 “Beautiful voice, one to look out for”

   Sue Marchant, Cambridge 105


Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 17.49.55
Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 15.39.07
Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 14.03.28
Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 15.59.50

"One of those very special and gifted songwriters that

can just seem to do no wrong"

Sandy Mills, Cam FM

                         “Music that is out of this world”
                          “A Piece of Artistic Brilliance”


Chris West, Radio Phoenix on ‘Is This World Mine’

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