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PEARL NOIR is the title of an young adult oriented fantasy book series that I'm currently working on.




In ancient times, 12 noble families entered a covenant with demons in exchange for power. Centuries later, the two strongest clans, Petroff and Assange, compete for supremacy through betrayal, blackmail and dark magic.


Pearl White is the careless, young daugther of Edmund White, one of the 12 members of the Council. Her life is changed forever when she accidentally gets caught in a conspiratorial attempt of assasinating Prince Gilbert Assange by summoning  a soul-devourer. But the conspirators don't know that someone else is watching, someone who is not protected by the pentagram: the dark curse falls upon Pearl.


Instead of being killed on the spot, the girl finds that, from that day on, she is being followed by a dark entity, invisible to everybody else, which lives off her vital energy by inflicting great pain. She gives it a name: Noir.


When Pearl learns that her father wants to send her away to the commonner's world forever, she  runs away from home and embarks on a journey to find prince Gilbert, the only one who can lift the curse. But Noir is more than a soul devourer: he's a curse and a bliss...




The first book is written, I am currently working on translating it in English (almost halfway through). Looking for an artist to design the cover! I'll probably publish it on amazon after I finish translating. Will post excerpts on my blog in the very close future!




Pearl Noir

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