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Your touch by Daniel Nisbett

Credits: Recording, mix and master.

Stand by Me by Russell Swallow

Credits: Recording, mix and master.

Dead Leaves by Jewelia

Credits: Co-produced, recorded and mixed with Andy Denyer.

Footprints on My Heart by Daniel Nisbett

Credits: Recording, mix and master.

My Dearest (cover)

Credits: Recording and mix.

Good Bye Mr. Johnson by The Marras

Credits: Recording, mix and master

Falling Star by Jewelia

Credits: Recording (co-engineered with Andy Denyer), mix and master.

Nothing Else by Jewelia

Credits: Recording, production and mix.

Lose Your Mind by Child of Cecilia

Credits: Recording, mix, and master.

Black and White by Wake Up in Vegas

Credits: Mix and master.

Thought Contagion (Muse cover)

Credits: Production, mix and master.

Let Go by Jewelia

Credits: Production, recording and mix.

'Dream Life Automatic' Remix

Electronic remix produced as part of university coursework. Vocals provided, the rest of the arrangement created from scratch using Massive, Nexus, Kontakt Factory Library and drum samples.

The Neighbourhood - Daddy Issues  (cover)

Credits: Production, Arrangement, Mix and Master.


Fusion/jazz composition for drums, piano, lead guitar and bass. Recorded in a classroom, mixed by myself.

City of My Mind by Jewelia

Recording, mix and master.

Penny Dreadful Main Opening Sequence (recreation)

Recreation of the Penny Dreadful soundtrack that I did as part of my job with The 86th Floor, using East West sample libraries. Mixed by myself.

Pare Cochero performed by Ran Kan Kan

Recording of 18-piece salsa band that I co-engineered.

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