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London-based singer-songwriter Jewelia creates her own flavour of pop, centred around her recognisable vocals, lyrical charisma and catchy melodies.


Jewelia’s self-produced music has garnered a warm welcome from listeners, with over 1.5 million views on her YouTube channel and 1.2 million streams on Spotify and features on editorial playlists like New Music Friday UK and Chill Pop Hits on Spotify, Rising Pop on Tidal or New in Alternative on Apple Music. Jewelia was featured in press in Clash Magazine, The Daily Star, EARMILK, Women in Pop, Honey Pop and The Vinyl District, among others. Other supporters include Amazing Radio's Charlie Ashcroft, BBC Upload's Leo Ulph and BBC Introducing's Abbie McCarthy. Her songs were played on over 50 regional radios in the UK, and received national airplay in Romania on National FM and Europa FM.


Jewelia's second album ‘Little Wins’ raised $10 000 on Kickstarter in summer 2023 and is due for release on CD, Vinyl and online platforms on April 19th, with an album launch party at The Lexington in London following two days later.

Little Wins

In dealing with whatever life throws at us, we all do the best we can. 'Little Wins' is a collection of twelve alt-pop songs with a common theme: self-acceptance. 


Society celebrates the one-in-a-million American Dream success stories and teaches us that we can achieve anything if only we work hard enough. As inspiring as this sounds, it also makes it seem as if (for whatever reason) we don't make it exactly to where we wanted to be, it's because we haven't worked hard enough, or wished for it hard enough. The binding concept behind 'Little Wins' is that we all do the best we can with the resources we have at that particular moment in time. Those resources can mean anything: time, energy, knowledge, confidence, money, love, other people, self-belief, self-love.So really, there's no point in beating ourselves up. Instead of constantly focusing on the climb ahead, we should take some time to look back and see how far we’ve come and learn to celebrate the little wins! 

Click here to preview the album.

INVISIBLE WALL - single (release 26th January)

LOSER - single (release 8th March)




Band Set

Drum Kit, 1 Keyboard (DI), 1 Vox, 1 Guitar (Amp),

1 Bass Guitar (DI), 1 Sample Pad (DI)

Acoustic Set

1 x Keyboard (DI), 1 x Guitar (DI), 1 vox

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