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This Love Song is Better Left Unsung (EP)

Jewelia's latest EP, funded by the generosity of the fans via Kickstarter, contains four indie-pop featuring retro synths, airy guitars and vocoded vocals.

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City of my Mind (Album)

'City of my Mind' was also funded by the fans. Jewelia's debut album was originally planned to be ten tracks, but when the Kickstarter target surpassed expectations, a stretch goal was subsequently set and reached before the end of the campaign. The result: a twelve track concept album of piano-infused chamber-pop fairytales, following an abused young girl's journey into madness. 

'City of my Mind' was recorded with a range of orchestral and chamber instruments, including strings, brass, woodwinds, orchestral percussion and auxilliary percussion, and makes use of complex time signatures and bold harmonic tools to explore the city of the mind.

"Absolutely magical and endearing. Undoubtedly one of my favourite albums in 2018!"

Sandy Mills, Cam FM (on "City of My Mind")

"Casually paced but with more than a hint of mysticism underpinning the words, “City of My Mind” is more reflective, and perhaps more ambitious, song than most would attempt yet Jewelia has enough charm and artistic presence to pull it off." (on "City of My Mind" - the title song of the album) 


"Jewelia's earlier work was like the young Kate Bush. 'City of My Mind' is radically different, more mature, polished and complex. An Alice in Wonderland surreal quality, reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane."

Keith P. -


"Great songwriting and an amazing voice"

Gareth Lloyd, BBC Introducing Three Counties (on "Dead Leaves") ​

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Watch the music video for the title track:

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