Song #1, January - “Maze”

Updated: Jul 3

Here it is, the first song of Project 2020 

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I wrote this song as I was going through some changes in my personal life. 

Before the year ended, I left my part time job in a school and started another job - my first full-time, 9-5 job. I had managed to avoid this, until this point. Suddenly, I was an adult adult with less time to do music.

So I promised myself that I won’t allow myself to become tired by my new job and slowly but surely give up on my dream. Everyone had to have jobs before they could afford to make a living out of their art.

Hence, Project 2020. If I write and record a song a month, there’s no way I’m going to let this go! I might even be more productive than before.

As mentioned before, my previous job was in a school, working with special needs students. I took it on because I needed a job, but, before I knew it, I started to like working with children and became interested in their stories, their wishes, their dreams in the making. I wrote this song as a good bye to everyone at the school. Wish I had more time to tell you/to teach you/to guide you - and wish I had someone to guide me, into this unknown scary future.

The future is a maze for all of us, “a complicated pattern of twists and turns of fate”. Let’s discover it one step at a time, and while at it, enjoy the journey.


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