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Song #4, April - “Fragile”

The fourth song in Project 2020 is now available for you to listen now!

can you pick up what’s left of me

I’m not the best that I have been

can you piece it together

guess slightly broken is your thing

it’s what makes it so interesting

but can you stitch me together

cause I am made of heartbreak

I am made of everything that came before

so can you please tread lightly

can you not speak loudly

I’m still a fragile soul

I’m still fragile, fragile

can you keep it together

can you keep it together

This is fragile, fragile

can we keep it together

and hope it only gets better

I know you wanna give me hope

I know you think that you can cope

but you don’t know me at all

I’ve got some friends that think I’m fun

but I’m not close to anyone

gotta break through the wall

Cause I am made of heartbreak

I am made of heartache

I am still a fragile soul

like a bubble floating in the summer sky [I’m fragile]

like a lover’s smile after a big fight [I’m fragile]


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