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The Self-Accomplishment Shelf

When I was younger, I used to think a lot about the future and imagine how awesome, rich, famous and independent I'd be when I'd grow up and what an amazing life I'd lead. Well, years passed incredibly quickly, and here I am, in my early twenties, with the same dreams and goals as before.A shelf, with only these items on it: a CD, a book, a film.

I've been visualizing it for my whole life - The Shelf of Self-Accomplishment. It's always been like this, with the three objects in the picture - my album, my book, and the film, even though I'm not sure what's deal with it; it could be one that I scored, or one made after my story? I don't know yet.

During the past years, I've been 'distracted' from my goal of loading the shelf by trying a ridiculous number of things: acting, classical singing, wanting to be a famous blogger, working in a studio, learning Japanese and contemplating the thought of making a career out of singing J-pop at anime conventions (yeah, I know!), applying for a scholarship to South Korea, going through emotional breakdowns for not knowing what to do with my life, doing two courses at uni at the same time with no time left for social life, taking a gap year from Law School to focus on music only to decide after that I don't want to do the Conservatoire anymore, going back to Law School determined to battle with the nerdiest nerds and win, dropping from Law school just when I was about to succeed, because I decided to quit everything and move to the UK.

So here I am, knowing for the first time in my life exactly where I stand. No more detours, no more indecisiveness. I'm a young adult with lots to offer, daydreaming just as much as before, but finally ready to take the next step: acting to make the dreams come true.

The shelf is still empty, but I'm working on that.

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