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Song #3.5, SIXTY-FIVE

Since Project 2020 is supposed to be me documenting my journey through this strange year, what about the elephant in the room?

I couldn't bring myself to not say something about the current situation, so here is an unplanned addition to Project 2020. Consider it to be song number 3.5 out of 12:

I remember how, when this whole Corona virus craziness started, I kept hearing people saying things like "Oh, it's not that bad, it's only dangerous for the elderly and people with underlying conditions”.

That made me so angry! As if, just because they would be fine, the vulnerable didn’t matter.

Later on, I heard that in Italy the hospitals were so overwhelmed that they were not putting people over 65 in intensive care - essentially leaving them to die. How terribly sad is that? It got me thinking about so many things.

I didn’t want to write this song because of fear of being misinterpreted, or judged, or accused that I’m trying to get views or something like that.

But I then realised that I can't be doing this Project 2020 and at the same time completely ignore something that has been impacting me and the lifestyle of everyone around me. These are just my thoughts and feelings transformed into a song, and yes, I am a bit scared, and I am a bit worried. Not necessarily for myself, but for so many people that could be in danger right now.

Stay safe, stay inside! I know it’s difficult, but it has to be done, for the sake of everyone! We'll get through this xx


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